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Philatelist Oscar Young shows the inside of three high-value albums, including a Falkland Islands album and a collection from a. US/BNA Postage Stamp Catalog (US BNA Postage Stamp Catalog) The World Encyclopedia of Stamps & Stamp Collecting: The Ultimate Illustrated Reference To. Find an extensive stamp collecting price guide through PostBeeld and find the value of your philately collection. Apfelbaum, Inc. provides free comprehensive stamp appraisals and a prompt cash offer. Contact us today at if you would like a valuation of your. Dr. Robert Friedman and Sons can offer to purchase all parts of your valuable stamp holdings. On the spot payment at full market value. Your satisfaction is.

As you move down the scale from above average, to average and below, values fall off precipitously. An off-center stamp, a stamp with one or two minor flaws, or. If you sell your stamps or stamp collection you should obtain the highest possible price in the most straightforward and friendly manner. Selling stamps is. Part of an 'instant' or manufactured collection: Sheets of stamps which are themed or marked with a commemorative inscription, marking an anniversary or event. However, their market value can rise to $ if they are in perfect condition. As always, you should try to buy low to earn as much profit as possible. How and. A stamp worth a few cents in catalogue value may be worth hundreds of dollars on cover because of the postmark, the postal rate, the destination or the route. Friend inherited of a large stamp collection Worth selling on eBay? Post stamps are worth more unused/mint than used. Because they can be sold as. Discolouration, creasing, and tears will lower the value of a stamp and in turn, the overall value of a collection. A collection that includes a number of mint. What determines the value of a stamp collection? Don't be deceived by catalog value. A given stamp may be brought or sold above or way below catalog prices. Collecting specialties edit · Topical stamp collecting – many collectors choose to organize their philatelic collection on the theme of the stamps, covers, or.

Stamps with any faults (creases, tears, thins, etc.) are worth far less than those in perfect condition. One thing that is common with most collectibles. Selling your stamp collection through an auction house, in return for a percentage of the profits, can offer unrivalled exposure to philatelic specialists and. In selling to, or through, a dealer, you should expect to receive approximately 20% to 30% of the collectionʼs catalogue value. Dealers almost always discount. Usually, a stamp that has never been used and is in “mint” condition is more valuable than the same stamp that has been used. Keep your stamps in a condition as. A crease is clearly evident on the surface of the stamp and will result in a more common stamp being worth between one fifth and one-tenth of catalogue. Rare Stamps ; 1c Franklin, perf $6, - $27, Now:$6, - $27, ; 10c Black, St. Louis Bear on Gray Lilac Wove Paper. For investing purposes, the value of stamps depends on demand, trends, origin, and condition of a stamp. Unused stamps are more valuable than used ones. However. A good rule of thumb is the older the stamp and the higher the denomination on it, the higher the value. For example, mailing a parcel in for $5 would be. So, a mint collection of modern, post mint commemorative stamps will have value, but not high value. A collection of used commemoratives from after

Having a stamp professionally appraised is the best way to determine the book value of a stamp. There are a few appraisers in South Africa and their services. All the more daunting is that stamp values of the remaining 2% -- 1% of stamps are worth around $10 to $ or more, and the other 1% are worth lots of money . 13 Rare Stamps Worth Collecting in · 1. Mauritius Post Office Stamps, Mauritius, ($4 Million) · 2. British Guiana 1 Cent Magenta, British Guiana, Price is $ You save %. OR. FREE with a B&N Audiobooks Subscription trial! A stamp collection is an interesting hobby that allows the owner to get stamps from many time periods, each with a unique value. If you have a stamp like this.

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